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Get ready to apply for EU funding

Dos and Don’ts to help you prepare a quality proposal

Under Horizon Europe, the European Commission aims at training researchers for successful participation in R&I activities while enhancing networking, gender equality, ethics and integrity.

Funding opportunities

Apply for funding

Who should apply

Information on how to compose your project team and find partners

How to apply

Overview of the application process and what types of projects can be funded

Open science

What you should comply with when applying for funding and implementing your project

How to manage your project


Photograph of a park with people strolling, sitting on the grass and bicycles parked nearby.
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Citizen Science: an essential ally for sustainable cities

31 October marks World Cities Day, an occasion for EU citizens to rethink their relationship with the city they live in and contribute to the scientific research that is making our cities better places to live in.



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The European Year of Skills

Fostering skills development in the EU for more sustainable, resilient, and fair societies