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Cluster 3 - Civil Security for Society responds to the challenges arising from persistent security threats, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters. To reach this goal, the European Commission funds research and innovation projects on crisis management, fight against crime and terrorism, external and border security, cybersecurity, privacy and trust through Horizon Europe.

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A photograph of a child’s hands as if typing on a colourful keyboard. On the left side we see a part of the child’s head photographed from the top and on the right we see a computer screen showing a green coloured code.
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Creating a safer space for children online

How can research help protect our children online? Horizon Europe projects are developing innovative tools to create a safer space for children and youth online and lead transformational change!

A visual with a scientist and a dove
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Building trust in science for peace and development

How can science be applied to conflict resolution? In what way can novel research contribute to inclusivity? Discover how science – through experimentation, the production of knowledge, and cooperation – can influence society.



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