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European Research Executive Agency


I. External vacancies

A. Temporary agent 2(f):

No open vacancies

B. Contract staff 3(a)

Profile: Project Officer (FGIII)

Reference number: EA/III/2023/10 PO

Deadline for applications: 28/11/2023


II. Inter-institutional mobility vacancies 

A. Temporary agent 2(f):

Profile: HR Administrator

Reference number: REA-INTER/AD/2023/24

Deadline for applications: 30/11/2023 (midday, CET)

Profile: Administrator - Research Programme Manager (AD)

Reference number: REA-INTER/AD/2023/11

Deadline for applications: 5/12/2023 (midday, CET)

B. Contract staff 3(a) and 3(b):

Profile: Project Adviser (FGIV)

Reference number: REA-INTER/IV/2023/25 

Deadline for applications: 11/12/2023 (midday, CET)

REA is using an online system for the reception of the applications (click here to apply). Once you start the process, the time to enter your data and submit your application documents is limited to maximum 1 hour and it is not possible to save it as a draft. Therefore, we recommend you to download and complete beforehand the application form and upload the document (if applicable), along with your CV, during the application process.

For any communication related to the selection procedures, at any stage of the procedure, candidates should contact only REA-TALENT-SELECTIONatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (REA-TALENT-SELECTION[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

Ongoing selection procedures

Selection TypeProfileReference numberGradeStatus
Inter-InstitutionalHead of Sector Financial ValidationREA-INTER/AD/2023/8ADProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalAdministrator – Research Programme ManagerREA-INTER/AD/2023/21ADProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalProject AdviserREA-INTER/IV/2023/18FGIVProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalProject AdviserREA-INTER/IV/2023/17 FGIVProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalFinancial Officer, Legal Officer,
Financial Adviser, Legal Adviser
Procedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalProject AdviserREA-INTER/IV/2023/20FGIVProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalAdministrative and Financial OfficersREA-INTER/III/2023/23FGIIIProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalFinancial and Administrative OfficerREA-INTER/III/2023/19FGIIIProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalProject AdviserREA-INTER/IV/2023/10FGIVProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalFinancial OfficerREA-INTER/III/2023/13FGIIIProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalResearch Programme ManagerREA-INTER/AD/2023/14ADProcedure ongoing
Inter-InstitutionalProject AdviserREA-INTER/IV/2023/16FGIVProcedure ongoing

Completed selection procedures 2023

Selection TypeProfileReference numberGrade
Call for
Expression of Interest
Legal Officer and Financial Officer


Call for
Expression of Interest
Legal Adviser and Financial AdviserREA/IV/2023/4FGIV
Call for
Expression of Interest
Administrator-Task ManagerREA/2022/TA/
Inter-InstitutionalProject Adviser – Call CoordinatorREA-INTER/IV/2023/6 FGIV
Call for
Expression of Interest
Financial OfficerREA/III/2023/2FGIII
Inter-InstitutionalHuman Resources OfficerREA-INTER/III/2023/5FGIII
Inter-InstitutionalLegal Officer, Financial Officer,
Legal Adviser, Financial Adviser

Data Protection Notices - selection and recruitment