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Researchers' skills


Publication date
15 April 2024
European Research Executive Agency


This report addresses researcher skills, as part of a series of three feedback to policy reports, that take stock of the progress and promising practices generated by a selection of EU-funded projects on skills, research assessment reform and the R&I activities of the Horizon 2020 ‘Science with and for Society’ (SWAFS) projects supporting the alliances. This report is the first to capture contributions of EU-funded projects on skills development since the launch of the European competence framework for researchers (ResearchComp) website in 2023. It gives an overview of the progress achieved so far, on the basis of emerging and interim activities and outputs. However, it only includes the early-stage developments; further activities, outputs and outcomes in the area are likely to develop at a fast pace in the coming years.


15 APRIL 2024
Researchers' skills