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‘More than Food and Drinks, Savoring Stories’ - EU promotion campaign in the US

Behind each European ingredient there is a story that tells of a tradition, identity, uniqueness, and authenticity. This EU campaign aims to highlight the quality, safety, sustainability, and variety of the EU’s agricultural produce in the US.

More than Food and Drinks, Savoring Stories
© European Union, 2023

The US is the EU’s largest trade and investment partner, receiving 16% of its drinks and food exports. Over the years, Americans started to pay close attention to organic, safe, and quality food; European Food & Beverages (F&B) combine all those merits, along with authenticity, sustainability, and tradition. The campaign aims to promote all EU F&B excellences from all 27 EU Member States, showing a large variety of products ranging from meats, cheeses, olive oil, chocolate, vegetables and fruits, pasta and bakery products, wines, spirits, and beers. It also promotes the EU quality labels: organic, PDO and PGI.


  • Increase the demand for EU agricultural food and beverages products in the US. 
  • Increase the intention to purchase and access agricultural food and beverage products from the EU.  
  • Increase the share of the EU agricultural food and beverage products on the US market.   
  • Increase awareness and knowledge about the excellence of the EU agricultural products, highlighting their key characteristics (safety, quality, authenticity, sustainability). 
  • Establish and popularize the image of the “EU brand”.


The campaign strategy employs various channels such as: web, social media (LinkedIn, Instagram), storytellers’ engagement, media advertising (online advertisement, paid media placement), media relations, participation in B2B and B2C events, retailer promotions, and online promotions (e-commerce).


The campaign features an assortment of activities both for business and consumer audience, such as: professional seminars and trade fairs; festivals, displaying the EU F&B produce and offering tastings; in store and e-commerce activities; advertising via various channels (web, social media, printed and digital magazines, outdoor).

Overall budget:

€ 8.280.130,47


More than Food and Drinks, Savoring Stories

More than Food and Drinks, Savoring Stories
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