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News article5 October 20211 min read

Research Fund for Coal and Steel: 111 proposals for new projects

The European Commission has received 111 project proposals applying for funding under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) in 2021.

111 project proposals applying for funding under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

In response to the RFCS’ 2021 call for proposals, which has a budget of EUR 11 million, applicants submitted 84 proposals on steel- and 27 proposals on coal-related topics:

  • 66 for steel research projects
  • 11 proposals for steel pilot and demonstration projects
  • 7 proposals for steel-accompanying measures
  • 20 proposals for coal research projects
  • 2 proposals for coal pilot and demonstration projects
  • 5 proposals for coal-accompanying measures

Applicants come from 25 EU countries and 5 third countries.

As of 2022 and until 2027, the European Commission will launch yearly calls for a considerably higher amount of RFCS funding:

  • EUR 40 million per year for collaborative research in the coal and steel sectors, and
  • EUR 71 million per year for breakthrough technologies leading to near zero-carbon steel making by 2030 as well as research projects for the coal sector managing the just transition of former coal mines or coal mines in the process of closure.

The increase in funding will help the EU deliver on its climate action goals set out under the European Green Deal.

Next steps

The 2021 call for project proposals closed on 22 September 2021. Proposals will be evaluated in October and November. The European Research Executive Agency expects to inform applicants of the result of their application in February/March 2022.


Publication date
5 October 2021