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News article18 October 20212 min read

The European Research Executive Agency supports Cybersecurity Month

October is European Cybersecurity Month! At the European Research Executive Agency, we manage numerous EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects that will help citizens, businesses, and other organisations feel safe and secure online.

cybermonth 2021

October is  European Cybersecurity Month 2021: the European Union-wide annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among EU citizens and organisations.

As societies become ever more digitalised, it is essential that citizens and organisations learn to protect themselves online. Becoming cyber-aware involves the safeguarding of data that are shared online and securing these from potential cyberattacks using selected tools.

At the European Research Executive Agency (REA), we manage numerous EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects that will help citizens, businesses, and other organisations feel safe and secure online. Find out about some of these projects below!  

Cyber-resilient SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) employ digital and information technologies to perform their tasks. However, SMEs often lack the financial and human resources to ensure that their businesses are secure against cyberattacks.

GEIGER will develop a tool that supports SMEs in shielding them against cyberattacks; it will allow users to analyse their level of risk and will provide simple solutions to prevent attacks.

SMESEC built a unified cybersecurity framework, with stakeholder input, for SMEs. The framework is both cost-effective and user-oriented so that it suits the needs and requirements of both businesses and their customers.

Increased protection against cyberattacks

The advent of 5G has many benefits: it will upgrade data transfer rates and improve coverage. However, this presents new challenges regarding cybersecurity. In addition, cyberattacks on power systems can have a devastating effect on infrastructure, the continuity of operations, the environment and users themselves.

SPIDER is an ongoing project that aims to tackle emerging threats by providing next-generation training and tools to the telecommunications industry. SPIDER mimics cyberattacks in order to prepare readiness and practise reactions in real time. It also assesses the economic impact of cyberattacks as well as offer cybersecurity-related investment decisions.

PHOENIX is designed specifically for the European electrical power energy systems, or smart grid. PHOENIX detects large-scale cyberattacks and protects essential data. The project’s goal is to provide a harmonised cyber-shield for energy systems across Europe through the sharing of information and best practises.

Cybersecurity in Smart Homes

Those who live in smart homes may be unaware of the risks that mundane but technology-controlled tasks can present.

The GHOST project provides high-level cybersecurity to regular smart home users. Using data analytics, GHOST inspects smart home networks for irregular and potentially malicious behaviour. The software notifies the user of any irregular patterns and is designed to be user-friendly.

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Publication date
18 October 2021