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News article20 July 2022European Research Executive Agency3 min read

Contribute to a brighter Europe while boosting your career – join us for an inspiring traineeship!

The European Research Executive Agency is looking for talented individuals to come work with us for a five-month paid Blue Book Traineeship.

Trainee 2022
© European Commission, 2022

Are you looking for an exciting and career-enhancing experience in an international and dynamic work environment? Then apply for a 5-months paid internship at the European Research Executive Agency (REA) in Brussels.

We offer insightful opportunities twice a year as part of the European Commission’s Blue Book Traineeship programme. Registrations for the October 2023 - February 2024 Blue Book Traineeship session have just opened.

In particular, we are looking for individuals with a background in:

  • Communication
  • Human resources
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Project management

Meet our trainees

Hear directly from some of our trainees about why they selected REA as one of their preferences in their application form; learn about their experience and what skills they developed while working with us below!

Lilly Schreiter, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and External Communication

Lilly trainee 2022
© European Commission, 2022

Originally from Germany, I studied History and Art History in Paris before completing my Master’s in Modern European History at the University of Oxford. I applied to REA to understand how the EU supports individual researchers and transnational research collaboration. With a background in communication, I worked in REA’s external communication team, promoting the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Thanks to the traineeship, I advanced my skills in communication through social media management, conducting interviews and drafting news articles. I also acquired a comprehensive overview of the agency’s research programmes and witnessed the EU’s dedication to fuel scientific innovation with and for citizens.

Esma Yagdi Efe, Reforming European R&I and Research Infrastructures

Esma trainee 2022
© European Commission, 2022

I am from France but have lived in Luxembourg for several years. I have always loved science and especially human biology. Following my Bachelor's in Drug Sciences, I did a Master’s in Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology. My passion for science triggered my ambition to do a PhD in cancer research.

I was interested in the Blue Book traineeship to explore the role of the European Commission in research and innovation. At REA, I had the opportunity to be involved in the daily grant management of research infrastructure projects supported under Horizon Europe. The traineeship provided me with insights into the funding of facilities, resources and services that support the science community to conduct research and foster innovation. As I hold a Life Science PhD, the internship was an eye-opening experience.

Laura Ulrich, Internal Communication

Laura trainee 2022
© European Commission, 2022

Coming to Brussels to work for the European Commission was a big step for me and has been an exciting chapter in my career. The traineeship at REA complements my prior work experience and studies. Having graduated in International Culture & Management as well as Political Science & Spanish, I have always had a keen interest in scientific questions and languages.

When I heard about REA, I was curious about its role in the management of EU-funded research. As part of REA’s internal communication team, I gained valuable insights into the many aspects of communication including drafting, publishing articles and editing interviews. I also learnt about the Agency’s mandate and its highly varied portfolio of activities.

Assmae Gartite, Civil Security for Society

Assmae trainee 2022
© European Commission, 2022

I am from Italy. I studied Political Science for my Bachelor's, which pushed me to get involved in international relations. I then obtained my first Master’s in European and International Affairs and a second Master’s in International Security and Defence.

The combination of my studies gave me a thorough knowledge in security-related issues concerning the EU. During my traineeship at REA, this knowledge allowed me to get involved in various security project that address some of our society’s biggest challenges. It also helped me to understand how to combine policy and impact. I believe that this traineeship is a milestone in my career and will influence my future objectives and aspirations.

About REA

REA is the largest executive agency of the European Commission. REA manages EU-funded research and innovation projects that encompass a broad range of topics; from bio-economy and biodiversity, cultural heritage and agriculture, to European research networks and security.

Our daily work has a profound impact on EU citizens’ lives. REA supports and contributes to the EU’s R&I policies: the implementation of Horizon Europe and the EU Missions as well as the European Commission’s six policy priorities.

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20 July 2022
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