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European Research Executive Agency

Horizon Europe – Grants & reporting

Your grant agreement

The grant agreement defines the work that you commit to carry out during your EU-funded project. It is based on your successful proposal.  

The grant agreement lists the project partners (the ‘beneficiaries’) and specifies your project activities, the duration, budget, EU contribution, all rights and obligations. You can find a detailed explanation in the Horizon Europe annotated model grant agreement.

For each project, there is a project officer at the REA who accompanies the consortium throughout the project implementation. If you are a project coordinator, the project officer is your main contact for any matters regarding your grant agreement and reporting on your project implementation. As the project coordinator you act on behalf of the consortium and steer the project activities. 

Coordinators’ Days

At the start of new projects, we will invite you to so-called Coordinators’ Days. The European Commission organises these events to help new project coordinators manage their grants and understand their rights and obligations. The Coordinators’ Days are also an opportunity for you to build first contacts with other project teams who work on similar topics as you. 


On behalf of the project consortium, the project coordinator submits all reports, payment requests, proof of deliverables and other documents through the grant management service. You can access the service through your profile in the Funding & Tenders Portal.  

For financial reporting, the new Horizon Europe personnel unit cost provides a simpler and less error-prone way to declare costs for project staff. A dedicated webinar on the personnel unit cost will be held online on 19 June 2024.

You will find more details on grant management and reporting in the Funding & tenders online manual

Amendments to the grant agreement

In some cases, it might be necessary to amend your grant agreement, for example, if changes are needed for a successful project implementation. In these cases, the project coordinator submits a request through the Funding & tender portal’s grant management service. Both the beneficiaries and the REA sign the amendment electronically. 

In the Funding & tenders online manual, you will find an overview of when and how you can request an amendment