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2023 calls for proposals are open

The European Commission co-finances and also directly organises campaigns and events to promote EU farm products worldwide. This is carried out under the slogan “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”, which aims to raise awareness of the efforts made by European farmers to produce quality products. These promotional activities help boost their profile on EU and international markets, in line with EU promotion policy. For questions on the programme and funding, please consult these FAQs and the sections below.

Apply for funding

How to apply

Steps for submitting a funding proposal, types of promotion programmes and common mistakes

Who can apply

Information on which organisations, products and schemes are eligible for funding

How to manage your project


Instructions for the use of the “Enjoy, it’s from Europe” signature

Support for EU exporters to enter new markets


Horizon Europe Young Observers
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Meet the first Horizon Europe Young Observers!

Interested in how research projects acquire EU funding? Don’t miss this interview with the current Young Observers for insights on the process and tips for a successful application. Deadline to apply for the next round is December 14!



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  • Europees Uitvoerend Agentschap onderzoek

The food and beverage market entry handbook: Japan

This Handbook is intended to act as a reference for those agri-food producers planning for, or in the process of entering, the Japanese market.