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Research Infrastructures Info Day

13 November 2023

Research Infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that allow researchers to conduct ground-breaking research in the European Union. They include research laboratories, scientific instrumentation and technologies, data resources, computational tools, and communication networks. Research infrastructures are open and accessible to the best researchers from Europe and beyond to foster ground-breaking innovation for the benefit citizens and society.  

Apply for funding

How to apply

Overview of the application process and what types of projects can be funded

Open science

What you should comply with when applying for funding and implementing your project

How to manage your project


Abstract illustration featuring scientists collaborating to unite pieces of puzzle. Featured text: “Research Infrastructures supports open and collaborative science. #ResearchInfrastructures #EUResearchArea”
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€337 million to fund new Research Infrastructures projects

Research Infrastructures funding under Horizon Europe helps empower Europe through world-class and accessible research infrastructures. Discover the next calls for proposals, read more about success stories and learn how to apply!



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CORDIS results pack on research infrastructures in Europe

Pan-European research infrastructures and national research infrastructures of European interest are facilities that provide resources and services for scientific communities across the EU and beyond, to foster excellence and collaboration, attract talent and address societal challenges.

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The European Year of Skills

Fostering skills development in the EU for more sustainable, resilient, and fair societies