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Horizon Europe - Cluster 2: “Culture, creativity and inclusive society”

Cluster 2 aims to strengthen democratic values, including rule of law and fundamental rights, safeguarding our cultural heritage, and promoting socio-economic transformations that contribute to inclusion and growth. The European Commission funds research and innovation projects to meet these objectives under Horizon Europe.

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Horizon Europe Info Days on 18 October

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Building trust in science for peace and development

How can science be applied to conflict resolution? In what way can novel research contribute to inclusivity? Discover how science – through experimentation, the production of knowledge, and cooperation – can influence society.

Coworkers and their boss having a good work day. Multi-ethnic business team brainstorming and sharing great ideas.
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Talking tolerance in polarised societies

EU research projects provide fresh insights into what it takes for communities to accept different religious and world views.



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The European Year of Skills

Fostering skills development in the EU for more sustainable, resilient, and fair societies