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European Research Executive Agency

Horizon Europe - Cluster 2: “Culture, creativity and inclusive society”

Cluster 2 aims to strengthen democratic values, including rule of law and fundamental rights, safeguarding our cultural heritage, and promoting socio-economic transformations that contribute to inclusion and growth. The European Commission funds research and innovation projects to meet these objectives under Horizon Europe.

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Horizon Europe Info Days on 18 October

Attend to find out how to apply for EU funding

Funding opportunities

Apply for funding

Who should apply

Information on how to compose your project team and find partners

How to apply

Overview of the application process and what types of projects can be funded

Open science

What you should comply with when applying for funding and implementing your project

How to manage your project


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A new push for democracy

EU-funded projects nurturing, protecting, and strengthening democracy in Europe and around the world

tREAinee Campaign visuals Trainee June 2023
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Traineeships at REA: key insights and how to apply

A Blue Book traineeship at the European Research Executive Agency (REA) allows you to gain first-hand knowledge of EU-funded projects and the European Commission’s key policy priorities. Get key insights from our previous trainees.


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The European Year of Skills

Fostering skills development in the EU for more sustainable, resilient, and fair societies