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‘More than Food Singapore’ - EU promotion campaign in Singapore

Agricultural food and beverage products from the European Union are more than just food and drinks, there is a story behind each burst of flavour. With this campaign, we aim to share those stories through communication activities in Singapore.

More than Food Singapore 2020
More than Food Singapore | ©European Union, 2020


The goals and objectives of this campaign are to increase the demand, imports and the sales of EU agricultural produce from specific categories by:

  • Raising the general awareness of EU agricultural produce’s quality, authenticity, including the quality labels, and safety;
  • Providing information on the benefits of and ways to consume EU agricultural produce, in order to increase interest and willingness to buy;
  • Informing potential importers and distributors about the benefits of the EU-Singapore Trade Agreement that entered into force in November 2019 and creates even more business opportunities for Singaporeans.


Building on the three objectives outlined, the strategy focuses on:

  • Increasing and maintaining contact opportunities with business to business (B2B) food professionals, particularly through B2B/ technical seminars;
  • Implementing effective communication tactics to support and give visibility to the technical B2B seminars, in order to ensure a maximum reach-out among consumers, importers and distributors;
  • Reinforcing the presence, information and promotion of EU agricultural produce in retail chains to ensure a maximum reach-out and visibility, among consumers.

Products covered:

  • Dairy
  • Olive oil and table olives
  • Meat
  • Fruits and vegetables


The campaign will feature various tastings of EU agricultural produce in supermarkets. It will also organise seminars in order to promote specific products at B2B events. Communication and advertising services will also be put in place at these events. There will be a strong digital focus with a dedicated website and social media channels. They will share informative content and animated videos.


More than Food Singapore