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‘Colours by Europe. Tradition of Excellence’ – EU promotion campaign in China

Just like Europeans, Chinese people have a special bond with food; food needs to be nutritious, as much as look appealing, colourful and vibrant. This EU campaign aims to promote the excellence and great variety of EU agricultural produce in China.

Colors by Europe, tradition of excellence
Colors by Europe, tradition of excellence| ©European Union, 2018


The overall goal of the communication campaign is to promote EU agricultural produce in China to ultimately increase the market share of EU agricultural produce in the target market.

  • Inform business and consumer audiences, as well as media and influencers, about the merits of EU agricultural produce – safety, quality, authenticity, and of the high standards applicable to the production methods in the Union;
  • Create positive awareness of EU agricultural produce among business and consumer audiences, with the aim of increasing the consumption, use and import of these products;
  • Increase the awareness and recognition of Union quality schemes, with a specific focus on geographical indications and organics in view of the EU-China Geographical Indications (GIs) Agreement and the EU “Farm to fork” strategy.


Just like Europeans, Chinese people have a special relation with food, believing that food not only needs to be nutritious but must also look appealing, colourful and vibrant. With a colourful visual identity, this campaign builds on the fact that EU agricultural produce already enjoy a positive perception in China. The campaign invites consumers and businesses to include EU agricultural produce in their daily lives. It will also raise awareness about the exceptional quality, safety measures and high production standards associated with these products.

Categories to be promoted:

  • Dairy: cheese and butter
  • Olive: oil and table olives
  • Meat: beef, poultry, and pork
  • Fruits and vegetables (to a lesser extent)


The campaign will feature technical seminars, technical tastings, promotions in partnership with food industry providers (restaurants, hotels, etc.), retail promos (supermarket actions: ecommerce and offline), social media activities involving influencers and media partnership.


  • Wechat: 享味欧洲 (enjoy it's from Europe)
  • Weibo: 享味欧洲 (enjoy it's from Europe)
  • Douyin: 享味欧洲ColoursbyEurope (enjoy it's from Europe): Link only accessible through Chinese Douyin app* also called TikTok
Colours by Europe. Tradition of Excellence