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News article9 January 2023European Research Executive Agency4 min read

Help shape a brighter Europe and boost your career – select REA for an inspiring traineeship!

2023 marks the European Year of Skills and with it, the European Research Executive Agency (REA) is looking for talented individuals to join us for a five-month paid Blue Book Traineeship. 

© European Union, 2023

Are you looking for an exciting and skills-enhancing experience in an international and dynamic work environment? Then apply for a 5-month paid internship at the European Research Executive Agency (REA) in Brussels, Belgium. REA is the largest of the European Commission’s executive agencies with almost 900 staff members. We fund ground-breaking projects in all domains of research and innovation (R&I), thereby supporting the EU’s R&I policy. By equipping and working closely with Europe’s greatest innovators, we foster the basis of new industries, markets and broader social innovations of the future. Researchers funded by REA have repeatedly won acclaimed awards, including 15 Nobel Prizes! 

We offer insightful opportunities twice a year as part of the European Commission’s Blue Book Traineeship programme. In particular, we are looking for individuals with a background in: 

  • Communication 
  • Human resources 
  • Law 
  • Economics 
  • Project management 

Registrations for the October 2023 - February 2024 Blue Book Traineeship session have just opened. The deadline to apply is 31 January. When applying, please read the application procedure carefully and keep an eye out for the traineeship positions our agency offers.

Why apply? 

We manage an extraordinary range of projects funded under several EU programmes, including the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research framework programmes. Being in charge of EU project implementation, you will work in a highly dynamic, inspiring environment and maximise your learning in different domains. 

Hear directly from some of our trainees about why they selected REA as one of their preferences in their application; learn about their experience and what skills they developed while working with us below! 

© European Union, 2023

Jeanne Olivier 

“Originally from France, I applied to REA to understand more about the dynamics between executive agencies and the European Commission and to fine-tune my legal skills, having completed a double bachelors in Law at Paris-Dauphine University and passing the French bar exam. At REA, I developed my skills in legal administration and finance by getting to know more about how the lifecycle of grants and budgets work at EU level.  

I strongly recommend the Blue Book Traineeship to any law or non-law graduate as there is much on offer; the connections I made here were valuable for future job opportunities. Staff were warm and welcoming and were happy to give me further advice when needed!”  

© European Union, 2023

Oscar Palacios    

“Working with international people at REA helped to develop my team building skills in a multicultural and multilingual environment. I found it dynamic and challenging when compared to the academic post-graduate world, which can sometimes be solitary. I thoroughly recommend the Blue Book to all graduates as a stepping-stone to their future careers.  

Originally from Mexico, I studied Philosophy in Metaphysics, Political Philosophy and Phenomenology. Before coming to REA, I worked as a university research assistant with skills in literature, journalism and scientific writing.   

I would recommend REA to anyone with experience in academia to get to know more about interesting EU-funded research projects that cover a wide range of topics. The traineeship gave me the confidence to speak up for myself in an international public sector environment, take initiative and propose new ideas that made it a fulfilling experience.” 

© European Union, 2023

Siriana & Victoria   

 “Working for REA as part of the Blue Book Traineeship enhanced our communication skills by teaching us how to deliver clear messages to EU citizens about EU funding for research and innovation.

Colleagues made us comfortable enough to express new ideas and approaches in a business environment, bringing value to complex projects and communications campaigns.”  

Italian and Argentinian nationals, they both studied International Relations for their bachelor's degrees. Siriana continued her studies with a specialisation in the Middle East and North Africa and Victoria in European Studies and Europe-Latin America relations.   

“Thanks to the Blue Book Traineeship it enabled us to strengthen our teamwork and communication skills and grow as professionals. As trainees, we recommend familiarising yourselves with REA’s mission, activities and programmes, using your skills gained in your previous professional and academic experiences to get a head start if selected.” 

More about REA 

The European Research Executive Agency funds and manages pioneering EU-funded projects in virtually all domains of research and innovation (R&I) and beyond. From empowering a new generation of outstanding researchers to providing answers to pressing environmental and social issues, or enhancing the competitiveness of the EU’s agricultural sector, we select and fund trailblazing ideas that contribute to a green, digital, healthy and inclusive Europe. 

Our daily work has a profound impact on EU citizens’ lives. Between 2021 and 2027, we will invest over EUR 22.7 billion in excellent projects, helping the European Commission to achieve its key policy priorities and the five EU Missions under Horizon Europe. 

Follow REA on Twitter at @REA_research and @EUGreenresearch, and on LinkedIn to learn more about what we do. 


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9 January 2023
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