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European Research Executive Agency

Horizon Europe – Who should apply

General conditions 

Any type of organisation can apply for Horizon Europe funding as long as they have the operational and financial capacity to carry out the tasks that they propose.  

For most calls for proposals, you must apply as a team of at least 3 partner organisations from 3 different EU or associated countries. At least one of the 3 partners must be from an EU country. In addition to these 3 partners, organisations from other countries might be able to join your consortium. Please consult the Horizon Europe programme guide. Further details or exceptions are listed on the pages of the call topics in the Funding & tenders portal. 

Some calls for proposals require a so-called multi-actor approach: this means your proposed project must involve a diverse set of stakeholders, in particular end-users and users of the project’s results. 

Applicants by topic 

Applicants could, for example, include the following stakeholders (non-exhaustive list): 

Horizon Europe Cluster “Culture, creativity and inclusive society” 

  • Universities and research institutes 
  • Local, regional and national public administrations 
  • Museums, cultural institutions and the cultural tourism industry 
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of digital technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality 
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active in the field of migration and radicalisation 

Horizon Europe Cluster “Civil security for society” 

  • Universities and research institutes, especially in the areas of cybersecurity, security R&I, information and communication technologies, Artificial Intelligence, social sciences and humanities 
  • Industry and SMEs in the fields of cybersecurity, security R&I, ICT, Artificial Intelligence 
  • European standardisation organisations 
  • Ministries, national & local authorities 
  • Law enforcement agencies, border and custom authorities, crisis management security authorities, civil protection authorities 
  • Emergency services, hospital, medical centres 
  • First responders NGOs 
  • Critical infrastructure 

Horizon Europe Cluster “Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment” 

  • Universities and research institutes  
  • Civil society organisations including NGOs and consumer associations  
  • Public administration including legislators and implementing authorities  
  • Industry and SMEs  
  • End-users, including but not limited to farmers, foresters, advisors, municipalities, water utilities, citizens’ associations, professional associations 

Horizon Europe “Reforming European R&I” 

  • Universities, research centres 
  • NGOs, governmental organisations, civilian volunteer organisations, civil society organisations 
  • Citizens associations 

Every consortium must assign a project coordinator who will be the main contact for the European Research Executive Agency throughout the project. 

How to find project partners 

These partner search tools and networks can help you find project partners: 

We also organise Information Days every year, which include a brokerage and networking session for you to meet potential project partners. Please check our events calendar.