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European Research Executive Agency

Research Fund for Coal and Steel – Who should apply

General conditions

Any type of organisation can apply for funding from the Research Fund of Coal and Steel (RFCS) as long as they have the operational and financial capacity to carry out the tasks that they propose. 

For research projects, you must apply as a team of at least 3 partner organisations from at least 2 different EU countries.

For pilot and demonstration projects as well as accompanying measures, the project team must be composed of at least 2 partners from 2 different EU countries.

In addition, organisations from other countries can join your consortium without receiving a financial contribution from the EU.

Potential applicants

Applicants could, for example, include the following stakeholders (non-exhaustive list):

  • Universities and research institutes
  • Businesses in low-emission industries (such as climate action, soil use, smart cities), including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Environmental NGOs active in the areas of energy transition
  • Local, national, regional public administrations in steelmaking or coal-mining regions
  • Civil society organisations

How to find project partners

These partner search tools and networks can help you find project partners:

We also organise Information Days every year, which include a brokerage and networking session for you to meet potential project partners. Please check our events calendar.