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Who can apply - Promotion of agricultural products

General conditions

There are some restrictions on who can apply for funding. As a general condition, we can only accept applications from organisations established in EU countries.

The proposing organisation must also have the necessary technical, financial and professional resources to carry out the programme effectively. 

Eligibility also varies depending on the programme type – SIMPLE or MULTI (please also consult these FAQs).

SIMPLE programmes can be submitted:

  • By one or more proposing organisations
  • From the same EU country

MULTI programmes can be submitted:

  • By at least two proposing organisations, from at least two EU countries


  • By one or more European organisations


SIMPLE programmes are managed by national authorities.

MULTI programmes are managed by REA.

For a complete account of eligibility, check out the overview below. You can also use our eligibility check tool (archived page) to assess your eligibility.

Legal framework

The eligibility rules are defined in a set of regulations, namely:

Eligible organisations

The following types of organisations can apply for funding:

  • Trade or inter-trade organisations set up in an EU country or at EU level which are representative of the sectors concerned in that EU country or at EU level, and groups of producers and processors active in areas of geographical indications.

A trade or inter-trade organisation is deemed representative if it accounts for at least half of the sector’s producers, or half of the volume or value of marketable production of the products or sector. A percentage lower than 50% may be accepted if justified, or where it is an interbranch organisation recognised by the EU Member State.

  • Producer organisations or associations of producer organisations that have been recognised by an EU country.
  • Agri-food organisations that promote their products in the interest of the general public and have been established for at least two years in the respective EU country. They must have representatives of the product/sector among its members (apart from programmes carried out after a loss of consumer confidence). 

Private companies in general may not participate as applicants as the promotion policy is not aimed to finance the advertising of a private business company, but instead to have generic campaigns on products or schemes benefiting a whole sector. In certain exceptions, a private company could be considered as a group - please consult the FAQ for more information.

In order to encourage competition and ensure the widest access possible to EU funding, a proposing organisation shall not receive support for information for the same campaign on more than two consecutive occasions. This means that a campaign and its continuation can last for a maximum of six years.

More guidance

Eligible products and schemes

A promotion programme may cover the following products:

  • The products listed in Annex I to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, excluding tobacco
  • The following processed products:
    • beer
    • chocolate and derived products
    • bread, pastry, cakes, confectionery, biscuits and other baker’s wares
    • beverages made from plant extracts
    • Pasta
    • Salt
    • natural gums and resins
    • mustard paste
    • sweetcorn
    • cotton
  • Spirit drinks with a protected geographical indication
  • Wine with designation of origin or protected geographical indication status and carrying an indication of the wine grape variety (in the case of simple programmes, wine shall be associated to one or several other products)
  • Fisheries products if associated with one or several products

In Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), the products are listed with further reference to the Combined Nomenclature (CN). You should therefore first identify the CN code of the product you wish to promote and then check if that CN code is listed in Annex I to the TFEU. The combined nomenclature and its explanatory notes can also be useful to assess the eligibility of your products.

A promotion programme may cover the following schemes:

A programme covering a scheme may be illustrated by one or several products. In the internal market, these products shall appear in secondary message in relation to the main European Union message.

Eligible activities

Check the calls for proposal for a non-exhaustive list of information and promotion activities eligible for funding.

More guidance

How to find project partners

These partner search tools and networks can help you find project partners: 

We also organise Information Days every year, which include a networking session for you to meet potential project partners. Please check our events calendar.