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European Research Executive Agency

Grants & reporting - Promotion of agricultural products

Your grant agreement

If you are chosen to receive funding, you will need to sign a grant agreement. It is based on your proposal. The grant agreement defines the work that you commit to carrying out as part of your EU-funded promotional campaign. 

The grant agreement lists the partners (the ‘beneficiaries’) and specifies your promotional activities, the duration, the budget, the EU contribution and all rights and obligations.

You can find model grant agreements on the Funding and Tenders portal.

Both the beneficiaries and REA sign and manage the grant agreement electronically, and all exchanges during the project lifecycle are paperless.

As soon as the grant agreement is signed, the programme implementation can start.

SIMPLE Programmes

SIMPLE programmes are managed by the relevant authorities in each EU Member State, under the supervision of the European Commission. This means that if you applied for a SIMPLE programme, you will be in contact with the relevant national authority in your EU country.

The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1831 contains the rules on the management of simple programmes, payments and controls.

Guidance documents for national authorities

MULTI Programmes

MULTI programmes are managed by REA. Coordinators submit reports and deliverables to REA on behalf of the campaign’s partner organisations.

For each grant, there is a project officer at REA who accompanies the consortium as it carries out the promotional programme. The coordinator, meanwhile, acts on behalf of the consortium and steers the campaign’s activities. As the coordinator, the project officer is your main contact for any matters regarding your grant agreement and reporting on your campaign implementation.

Coordinators’ Days 

Throughout the course of your promotional programme, we will invite you to events called “Coordinators’ Days”. The European Commission organises these events to help new  coordinators to manage their grants and understand their rights and obligations. The Coordinators’ Days are also an opportunity for you to meet other teams who are working on similar topics to you. 


On behalf of the consortium, the coordinator submits all reports, payment requests, proof of deliverables and other documents through the grant management service every 12 months.  You can access the service through your profile in the Funding and Tenders portal.  

You will find more details on grant management and reporting in the Funding & Tenders online manual.

Amendments to the grant agreement 

In some cases, it may be necessary to amend your grant agreement: for example, if changes are needed to ensure the successful implementation of the project. In this case, the coordinator submits a request through the Funding and Tender portal’s grant management service.

In the Funding and Tenders online manual, you will find an overview of when and how you can request an amendment.