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European Research Executive Agency

Making the most of your MSCA Individual Fellowship

The Webinar was organized by the Units managing the implementation of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF) at the European Research Executive Agency and was designed for the over 5000 researchers who are currently working or will soon start their MSCA-IF.

The presentations covered:

  • how to use your budget
  • how to address changes (amendments, part-time, suspensions, scientific deviations)
  • how to prepare and submit deliverables
  • how to draft and submit your reports
  • how to comply with the rules of Open Access for publications and data
  • how to communicate and disseminate your research.

  • Research staff
  • to

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Making the most of your MSCA Individual Fellowship



10:00 – 11.15

Session 1


10:00 -10:05

Opening Remarks

Christopher Reynolds

Head of Sector

10:05 -10:10


Begoña Arano

Head of Department REA.A

10:10 -10:25

Introduction: Understanding the MSCA

Christopher Reynolds

Head of Sector

10:25 -10:35

Project Lifecycle and Implementation: Setting the Scene

Antonio Cipollaro

MSCA-IF Call Coordinator

10:35 -10:55

MSCA-IF Budgets

Manuel de la Guia

Project Officer

10:55 -11:15

Implementation of your MSCA-IF Project

Daniela Ceccarelli

Project Officer

11.15- 11.30



11:30 – 13:00

Session 2


11:30 -11:50

Project Reporting

Elisavet Gagatsi

Project Officer

11:50 -12:10

Open Access Requirements

Marianne da Silva

Project Officer

12:10 -12:25

Communication, Outreach and Dissemination

Dimitris Káganis

Project Officer

12:25 -12:45

Your MSCA-IF Project and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cécile Menétrey-Monchau

Panel Coordinator

12:45 -13:00

Concluding Remarks

Christopher Reynolds

Head of Sector